Technical Support for BRC Global Standards & Haccp, ISO 22000, Food Safety Audits & Training for the Food Industry
  • Commercial Due Diligence - Can you provide a technical evaluation on a food company we propose to buy?

    Yes - We can provide technical support working on behalf of investment companies / banks in technical, market and commercial assessments in conjunction with financial & commercial experts / local consultants to assess investment projects and enable the investment company to assess the risks and opportunities presented by their proposed investment. Also to identify the areas which require further exploration during the due diligence process.

    The food technologist provides the technical knowledge and experience specific to food manufacturing to complement the financial analysis. This stage where a  technologist gets involved is normally when the vendor has been successfully approached / the desktop research has been completed. The areas examined are agreed with the client but investigations could include the following:

    • Technical Barriers
    • Adherence to Food Production Standards
    • Adherence to Quality Standards
    • Assessment of Plant Management
    • Management Investment Plans
    • Key Success Drivers for the Company / Project
    • Risks Associated with the Project
    • Further Due Diligence

     A number of assignments have been completed in Eastern Europe.

    If you:
    • are a bank or investment company
    • are financial consultants
    • considering investing is a food business or advising a client on a proposed investment
    • need food technology expertise / advice on an acquisition
    • need a food technologist on a multi disciplinary team

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